Moving for good

May 1, 2011

Dear Friends and readers,

This WordPress has been a fun and memorable place for me. As all great things go, it has to come to an end sometime. I guess this would be the time for me at WordPress.

I now reside at Livejournal. Specifically, my blog is now at notte0.livejournal.com. It is semi private, but still I mainly write public posts. Therefore, please update your bookmarks, and hopefully I’ll see you there too!

PS. Livejournal now accepts external commentors as well, so there is no need to register for a Livejournal account to comment. Thanks!!



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Spam posts

October 31, 2016

hi. I noticed there were 2 spam posts posted, both not written by me. This blog is NOT ACTIVE anymore.

Thank you.


Pretty hectic

April 15, 2011

I have good reason to have had disappeared. Life has been hectic. As I type this, I’m feeling pretty sick.
I’m now going for scooter lessons. Exam on next Wednesday. I doubt I’ll pass, but ohwell, I’ll be going for the test alright.


One-day Holiday

April 5, 2011

So I had a day off today. I guess it was a wasted day, but hey, I’m entitled to waste some days if I want to!

Besides, it being a public holiday means even all the shops & hang out locations have a 70% chance of being closed today. So there.

Slept in till 9:30am… Sweet, sweet, sweet sleeping! As usual, walked the dogs, played a bit on Facebook, read a lot, walked the dogs again dinner… And that’s about what happened…

Here, a photo of our hike 😀



My Musical Abilities

March 13, 2011

Actually, yes, I play the piano.

I was quite the whiz when I was a kid. But I wasn't really paying too much attention to the lessons, and the teacher was a bit off, so I stopped.

Well, I never studied any theory. I started learning to play the piano, and the teacher plunged me right into the Beyer book. Then I did the Grade 1 exam. After that, he started to teach me Grade 3 stuff, and I did the Grade 3 exam. He then attempted to put in my the Grade 5 curriculum, STILL without having me learn any theory.

I remember once, he scolded me really badly. He was talking on the phone or something, and I was playing something from the Grade 5 book, then he said "you should play it like this in this part"

So I spent the following week playing as he instructed. And then when it was class time again, I played it as he said I should, and he yelled at me. I replied "but that's how you told me to play it last week!" and he had the audacity to reprimand me with a "You should not blame others on what you did wrong."

I admit I was pretty much a slowpoke when I was a kid, and I don't remember much of my child-years. But THIS incident I remember so well… so well that in that summer, we paused our lessons because we were going to Portugal for 2 long months, and when we came back, I never called him anymore. I officially quit.

To date, I'm still pretty shakey on theory. I can't really read the scores well (I played mainly by memory – I'd look at the teacher play, remember how the rhythm and chords are, then replay as he had) and I don't have any pieces that I could just whip out and play…. well, yes, the whole of Fur Elise (Beethovan) and a tiny little bit of The Beautiful Blue Danube (Strauss).

I like collecting piano scores though, and have a few pieces that I had tried learning, but with my sucky theory, I never managed to learn anything properly.

So there you go. Another shame for me?

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