December 22, 2006

One of my sister’s Ferrets passed away early this morning. I’m not bothering with calculating the time difference and such…

I never liked them Ferrets, but Bella was the most well behaved of that pack of monsters. Truth betold, while I won’t be missing any of them, it is an enormous grief for my sister; and we all feel her pain. We had seen so many of our beloved pass away before… Benji laying his eternal sleep in our varandah, Mimi falling off the varandah and having her throat cut open by a scooter handle, Pussy having to be given the injection because of severe health problems and old age, Gigi having food poisoning and being given the wrong medication by the vet, Foxy having to go just like Pussy of old age and liver problems, Fufu getting run over by a car… not to mention all those baby kittens that slowly passed one by one, never having fully grown.

It is sad, but at the same time it’s part of life. I fear the day when Peppie and Menina have to go, but for now, my sister mourns for Bella.

The only comfort we could give her is: Bella was well-taken care of under my sister. Her passing ends her silent suffering. She should let her go; like I had let all those cats and dogs go. Cherish the happy times with them instead of crying over their loss. They are always in our memories, never forgotten.

 Never forgotten.


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