Fresh new year, new start, new beginnings!

January 2, 2007

With 2007 here we all try to change ourselves; not really, but we come up with resolutions and such.

Not me. I didn’t. kakaka…

Well, I had planned to fulfill my past resolution of start jogging in the morning. Well, then I thought I could start really on the first day of the year.

Point is, I know myself too well. If I didn’t start right there and then I wouldn’t.

So I started the morning jogging on 29th December 2006. haha! yes, I’ve kept to my own schedule! *yay* so I’m cool. And jogging in the morning makes you feel more awake during the day, and you feel warmer than if you didn’t.

oh, if only I have the diligence to keep this up… *sniff*

School starts next week (duh) and there’s this other conference we gotta go to. Hate it. And they say it’s compulsory. oh whatever, I might go and listen…


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