Carefree Weekend

January 27, 2007

Finally one sweet carefree weekend… the exam for Consumer Marketing was this morning and after I went home and took the dogs to the vet and for wash; but the vet was busy and the pet store was busy so they didn’t see the vet and didn’t get a wash.

Tomorrow I could do my own stuff instead of school stuff coz the course has ended… And Monday starts Services Marketing… what a bother… neverending school… And for some reason I’ve got another course added to my February/March schedule… I had hoped to have that time free. But ohwell, the sooner I’m done with it, the better.

I’d like to go see the Mozart Remix – Uri Caine Ensemble in March. It sounds interesting enough, even though I’m not particularly a big fan of Jazz. But anyway, it would be an interesting experience… I’d like to go to a couple more concerts and show if they’re showing but I have no idea what’s on… I need to make a trip to the Cultural Center to check that out.

D phoned me earlier this afternoon… I mean wow… how many years did we not lost contact? some 2 years or so… she said a new bookshop opened near her home and that after the Chinese New Year this bookshop would become some cafe-bookshop. Nice knowing, thanks alot! We’re going to arrange a dinner after the CNY coz we really need to catch up… And I promised K to get her out for dinner sometime next week. Have to think, what new restaurants are there to try? hm…

Gotta keep busy. Got a hot-pot dinner with work colleagues and later we’re going out for a drink at the open bar. In such cold weather. Great. We’ll freeze to death… who’s idea was that again? Luckily not mine 😉


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