In need of a holiday?

March 18, 2007

Somewhere in Taipa Mosaic Flooring  Somewhere in Taipa 
Somewhere in Taipa Mosaic Flooring

It seems that in Many parts of Macau, mosaic floorings have become a very common feature. We now have mosaic flooring almost everywhere, right from the City Center, many pedestrian areas, the outer islands, and… just everywhere! Suddenly, from a distant memory, I remember the story why there are so many of these stones in Macau… it was because back then when the Portuguese sailed to Asia they needed to put these rocks in the bottom of the ship (the black ship? black sail?? don’t remember…) to stay stable…

The above is somewhere in Taipa island, a little further off the island center, near the China Military camp, and right opposite the Cotai Strip. They now feature quite some different style of restaurants.

I am in need of a holiday to go photo taking of the every-day changing island… I guess I’ll also have to make a trip to Coloane, I’m worried the place has changed much more than expected…

I suppose I’d be able to do so when the week’s over… Just need to finish my presentation first!


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