March 31, 2007

In this week that was no school, I have kept myself busy by going to dinner appointments, movies, chattings, and finally yesterday I got sick. I just opened my eyes and I knew it: with the sore throat, and the burn behind my eyes, I’d got the flu and I was sure I was running a fever.

But I had many meetings to go to and so I went on to work. This morning when I woke up, I thought I’d gotten better, but now I know, it’s worse. The sore throat is now a cough, I don’t feel the fever anymore but I’m cold-sweating.


I’ve been reading my old blogs and past entries… and also digging up other friends’ old blogs… it just gets rather nostalgic at times… you remember about things that have happened, you look at “problems” in a different light now, and just wonderous how something can turn into what it is right now, at this moment…


I’m not sure whether it’s the fever that’s making me feel derilious or what, but… I feel like right now, reading all these, I’ve stopped time and am examining my past… yet the current is still going on…

I better get some sleep…


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