April 3, 2007

Taipa I spent the better half of last Sunday afternoon wandering around Taipa Island with my cousin, P.

Originally we had wanted to bring Peppie for a haircut and so we had to tag the girl along with us. It is really tiring when you’re trying to shoot photos of your surroundings but there’s a dog in the way coz: the dog wants to sniff around, you went to no dogs allowed area, or you see other dogs.Taipa

We started going from the backside of the Taipa House Museums. The remnants from the rose exhibition was still available, those roses that hadn’t died out yet. I’m a little sad over the “black” rose bush though (very dark red rose, not really black). But alas, that bush has died already.

Rose There were still some nice roses around though. I rather like this one to the left (<– :))

It just so happened that 2 sets of couples were having their wedding pictures done here as well… but whoever decided for them to take photographs in a barren land with 80% of dead rose bushes… don’t think that was me…Taipa Church

By this time we were dead tired already, but we had to move on… we went uphill, to the church and the marriage registry or something… and… guess what, we do have an intellectual dog!

Menina and ChessA dog interested in chess? Something new every day!

It was at this point when we started going into no dogs allowed territory. The sad thing was in the end Peppie didn’t get his haircut because the pet shop was closed. What a fun 1st April incident. Anyway, I’m sure the Girl had enough of fun running around Taipa town.

The remainder of the walk was pretty uneventful… so I shall leave the photos behind the cut.

Down to roses Mosaic flooring Random Old Taipa scene A wall somewhere... Framed Carving Your standard roadmap Flea Market idea The very old Market square, I believe And another Window And another... Old Market view Door? Lamp against sky


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  1. It looks like you took some nice…and interesting pictures.

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