May 1, 2007

First of May… there was a demonstration today. But I didn’t quite follow the news, so, dunno much about it.Road

Have been drifting in and out of real life, fantasies, dreamlands, semi-realities. Is it true that in life we have to face all these sort of confusion and noise?

Went on a couple of photo shooting trips with C. Good to know she’s putting her new camera to good use. My trusty little Canon has been going out alot lately as well 🙂

First it was on Saturday, after a shopping trip and getting some errands done, we went to the Mong Ha Hill, or, where the Institute For Tourism Studies is located. My, the school has changed really a lot. I received an email from one of the lecturers saying there will be a gathering, I’m contemplating whether to go or not…

Anyway, so we walked around shooting this and that and studying some of C’s camera’s functions. That thing isn’t easy to use. I have totally forgotten what the brand and model is, but anyway…

It was a fun trip, coz we both had a lot of fun. We also headed to the green-house located there. While there weren’t many plants inside the greenhouse, what was in there was interesting. 😀

Cannon Aim! Wall? Red Bell Directions Tree Maze Mini buds Tree against blue sky Berry?

Some emblem or plaque

Then today we went on yet again another photo taking trip. This time I drove around Coloanne and Taipa area, and even took C to have a look at the Ka Ho Leper house from the outside. Leprosy in Macau is all cured already, but the old people in there have been cast out for too long, so even if they got sent back to the society they wouldn’t adapt.

We also went up this mural/wall/sculpture thing that I’d seen since I was little, but I never went there physically… and now that I went there, I don’t think it was anything spectacular… so I dunno….

As we walked up, I saw the supposedly sun-setting sky. Sadly we were on the side of the mountain that couldn’t see the sunset. That is a real pity.

There was a nice view of Macau from Taipa front. If you look well (or view the real full size, which is not attached), you’ll see the Grand Lisboa structure. I wonder if there will come a day when I’ll look back at these photos and say “hey, this is what Macau used to look like back then!”

Lastly to end this post with two piccies that I quite like. I know this concept and composition is over-used already, but I’ve got a thing for all things skies and trees against them. I wonder why…?

The sky was so beautiful. It was red. Purple. Pink. Orange. Many colours. If only time could stop at that moment and I could sit and admire it all.

Luckily I had my camera with me 🙂


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