Single: Ring & It’s My Life

August 13, 2007

necm-10069.jpgMasami Okui 奥井雅美
Release: 2007 July 25

1. Ring
2. Ring -Ballad Version-
3. Ring [off vocal version]
4. Ring -Ballad Version- [off vocal version]

Upon first listening, this single might sound like any other standard Anime/Jpop material, but I was quite pleasantly surprised by the (slight) cascading vocals and the soft rapping/emcee-ing by the artist. Very pop-ish and upbeat, and it has got some darkish overtones so it does bring in some surprises.


evcs-12.jpgMasami Okui 奥井雅美
It’s My Life
Release: 2007 July 04

1. It’s My Life
2. -w-
3. It’s My Life [off vocal version]
4. -w- [off vocal version]

In this new single, It’s My Life is a rather standard Masami song as in it is the usual upbeat and pop-y music. It is good but personally I’m wishing to hear more variations in her songs to get some new flavours.

Luckily, -w- brings in just that element. It’s got that slightly indo-ish tones to it, and if you happen to have listened to the r.o.r/s album Dazzle, then it sounds something similar to the song 秘密 himitsu. A very nice single which I like the c/w song more than the main one 😉


This about wraps up the new CDs I’ve got (still 1 more to go: Can’no’s Sunshine Days). Which I will be preparing soon.


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