Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2007

First off,

Merry Christmas!

For me, I’m slaving away at work. oh, and it seems a Canon Digital Ixus 75 found its way into my hands. It did not fall from the sky, I did pay for it, but knowing the simple fact that my Dad try to play Santa on me and did have the intention of getting me the camera is touching. And although I paid for it, I look at it as if it were from Dad. Thanks, Dad! But you gotta be more creative and proactive, and surprise me! not reactive and responding to me squeals towards cameras!

I do have a few photos, of the camera (har…) but I’m in no position to upload them just yet.

And then again, another somebody decided to grace me with a pro account at Flickr… and so I’ve been busy… reorganizing everything, and posting more of my old stuff, good and bad (since now I can afford to post everything… ha! thanks for the unlimited photo posting with a pro account!)

There, have a lookie!

If only one day I’d have the patience and the commitment to re-categorize and re-tag everything here…..


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