Time killers

January 30, 2008

I have come to the stage in life that 24hours a day is not enough for me. I need more time…

And as such, I still have a list of not all that important stuff to do that take up alot of my own time.

Case in point:

Usavich. Utterly adorable yet eerie and scary bunnies

Ace Attorney game/series. I know that it’s a linear game with limited outcomes but then the whole storyline, the lie-catching, contradiction-looking thing is just too sweet and attractive. I’m playing the 3rd story of the third game now. oh, I know I’ll miss Phoenix when I’m playing Apollo Justice… maybe…

Online clicky games. A real waste of time yet addictive….

The local library and its books. And their designs. Architectures… I like strolling in them. (Check out my Flickr, one of my latest photo spots is the Ho-Tung Library)


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