Sick during the Holidays

February 10, 2008

It does get kind of annoying when you are all well and swell whole year around, and when you’re in the midst of some holidays, you get sick.

Welcome to my life!

I was well on Thursday and Friday, but on Saturday I had this strange feeling… it felt like my stomach was clenched shut and I couldn’t eat at all. All my bones and joints hurt like crazy and every time I stood up I would see black spots and then feel faint, having to go lie down again. The headache was a pain in a whole new level and I’ll just admit, I felt like I could die like that and be done with it.

Asked mom to buy a bottle of Pocari as that’s the drink to kill any of my headaches… and the whole day and night was spent between napping, breaking sweat, feeling terrible bone pains, waking, turning and tossing, sipping some water/pocari, and trying to nap again.

I think I stayed in bed for over 30 hours, and today I’m feeling better. At least I could stand and walk around. I’m still wary of eating anything… So far I’ve only downed 3 pieces of soda biscuits… I also took a shower and so I’m feeling somewhat better than yesterday…

What a life to have my holidays screwed up due to being sick. duh. And tomorrow it’s back to work. Joy… argh…..

See ya around!


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