Not in need of food…

February 11, 2008

It’s a scary thing when you are not in need of food…

Since Saturday morning till last night, the only things I’ve eaten are:

– 1/2 piece Sandwich (Saturday breakfast)
– 5 pieces of soda cracker (no butter, no jam, no ham, no nothing)
– 4 or 5 glasses of water
– 1 bottle pocari/water (mixed)
– 1 bowl of soup

For breakfast today I only at a few pieces of soda cracker again, I was wary of my stomach.

For lunch, I decided to brave it and down at least 7 pieces of soda crackers (I need food, I need the nutrition, at least!) and five minutes later, I feel faint, wobbly and my stomach really queasy.


I think I started to break out cold sweat again but then I took some hot tea and now it’s better.

I am eyeing a piece of chocolate which I’d love to eat but I’m sure with the state I’m in, I won’t be able to keep anything down.

The sad part is, I do feel hungry, but I just simply feel like puking whenever I eat or even smell something in relation to food… I braved the canteen but as I caught the first scent of food, I had to turn around and rush back to the office.

awe…. how sad!! Welcome to the escapades miserable life of the elusive sickly kat.


One comment

  1. how..elusivek.. you seem too sickly and not alright! have you been still cold? something Influenza..? hurting bones that I think it’s so something danger..have you seen a doctor? you have to see..I know it then I’m not in need of foods, I get dizziness when I moved body only a few little. so I’m anxious you..
    till the getting well condition, even though you don’t need foods, you have to take enough rest and take some nutrition for immunity power of body, If it get wrosen and come something hepatitis or other heavy disease…it’s just the nightmare…you know. anyway be careful enough elusivek…
    I hope you get being well and we talk about something interesting about Macau, Japan and more!

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