Album: 大奥 & Masami Live

February 13, 2008

奥井雅美 masami okui
2008/02/06 on sale
2940yen (tax in) 


1. Olive 
3. 蜜-mitsu- 
4. zero-G- 
6. Remote Viewing 
7. It’s my life 
8. REINCARNATION -Self Cover Ver.- 
9. 輪舞-revolution -Self Cover Ver.- 
10. Shuffle -Self Cover Ver.-

I was awaiting this album since I heard of its planned release, as a 15th Anniversary memorial album should be something impressive. However, I was greatly let down by this album. This was just a simple “grouping together” of a few singles and the only tracks worth getting are the 3 new self covered tracks.

The new “mix” songs sound a lot less sync and the instruments sound more natural. Okui’s voice and singing style also strikes a difference in these new versions, and this is very apparant especially for the tracks REINCARNATION and 輪舞-revolution.

I’d reckon, if you are an average fan but already have acquired the singles to skip this album, unless you happen to chance on the limited version. The limited version also features 7 promotional videos, namely, 「Olive」、「TRUST」、「蜜-mitsu-」、「zero-G-」、「WILD SPICE」、「It’s my life」、「-w-」.

evca-5.jpgMasami Life
奥井雅美 masami okui
2007/10/03 on sale
3000yen (tax in)


1. It’s my life
2. Limited War
3. -w-
4. GAIA2012
6. Remote Viewing
7. ワスレグサ
8. 背徳のKISS~Love of a fallen angel~ -Album Mix Version-
9. 紫音-sion-
10. mobile magic
11. Wonderful Days
12. I wish

This album proved to be quite a happy buy for me. The musical styles are quite varied and the theme in the booklet itself is very refreshing. Admittedly, I have only had a first listen-through and haven’t really listened much to this album to comment properly or make the review be its worth, however, I can already point out the specialness of this album.

This album has varied musical styles and reflects Okui’s skills in setting the mood. I already like this album after my initial listen.


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