Restaurant: Locanda

February 15, 2008

Locanda Italian Restaurant
“Old Ladies’ House” (street of St. Lazarus’ Church)
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It was a little dark to shoot any photos so I don’t have any photos, but one day I’ll pass by again just for that.

Located within the tucked away mini building complex known as the “Old Ladies’ House”, I found out that the restaurant owner of Locanda is no other than the previously known Foccacia (located in Rua Central). Locanda features a small menu but nevertheless, delicious home-made pasta. I was a bit in a hyper mode last night as it was a gathering and reunion of some long-time-no-seen friends,  so I didn’t pay much attention to the actual menu.

We had couple different pastas, salmon, carbonara, and something else (I’ve forgotten what) and a pizza (forgot which as well). Even though I don’t remember what I’ve actually eaten, I can say that: The food is good. It’s a very different kind of Italian food. In other Italian cuisine and eateries, you get the the impression that the food is all heavy, as in, rich sauce, because of cheese and meatsauce. but at Locanda, the pasta is light, the sauce is pleasant yet delightfully delicious as well. The Tiramisu is sinfully delicious and light, just like what was served in the chef’s previous establishment.

I had known the chef from Foccacia and his pasta are all self-made. I believe this is the same situation in Locanda as well. I’m happy that now it seems the chef has got some help, now he has a server helping around. Locanda also has more tables and the location is truly beautiful. I wonder if during the day there are outside tables al fresco or esplanada style.

The only downside I see with Locanda so far is that when I went there last night, there was no signage, no lights, and no indication that there is a restaurant inside. It could do with a little more visibility through signage, at least. But since I believe this would involve the owners of the “Old Ladies House” (I think it’s government owned?), this might not be that easily arranged.

Three dishes of pasta and a pizza, with two raspberry tarts and one tiramisu, the bill was a very affordable MOP$90-something per person (MOP$36x total). A recommendable place!


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