Album: Home

February 24, 2008

Angela Aki (アンジェラ・アキ)


1. Kiss Me Good-bye
2. Love is over now
3. 心の戦士
5. This Love
6. お願い
7. 宇宙
8. Rain
9. 奇跡
10. 大袈裟に愛してる
11. ハレルヤ
12. Home
13. Your Love Song

I happened to stumble upon this album by chance and came to like it very much. I guess I’ve found a new favourite in Angela Aki. Her music style is very easy on the ear. I like how it’s just plain piano accompanying her strong voice.

It would seem I have a slightly different album version as I have the track Will You Dance on it as well; incidentally my favourite track because of the song melody, and I also liked the piano rendition as well.

I hope to get her second album soon so that I could continue to listen to this new gem! 🙂

A little on Angela Aki: It was pretty interesting to read up on her background on Wikipedia. I believe I had mentioned before that I find Japanese artists who have good English pronounciation always catches my eyes (am I discriminating), and yet I get a very conflicting emotion when I saw a close up of Aki’s face: she looked more Caucasian than Japanese! And I hold a new awe for her flawless Japanese!*

To learn more, the following links my help 😉
Angela Aki Official Website
Memories of Love

* I guess some people get this impression from me too, as I look Caucasian enough yet I speak fluent Cantonese (Chinese).


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