Dog Stories: 1. The Streetwalker

February 25, 2008

There’s this one dog in the neighbourhood that’s a really quirky fellow. He’s a mutt, but his body structure is like…. I really don’t know…. a mutt… (eh…). I suppose by now he’s an old boy as I remember seeing him since forever… and he’s still around!

The quirky thing about him is… he likes to go on walks. On his own. He lives down near the Ha Wan Market area, yet every day, without fail, he makes his rounds in the neighbourhood. Alone. He would strut along the pavement (yes, and he crosses at zebra crossings) and makes his way to the Penha Hill.

We used to think that the owner of this dog doesn’t like him and so just lets him run along. But, oh, how wrong we were! This dog gets his yearly shots, and gets his license registered yearly. We know this because the owner actually hangs the little vaccination and license plates on his collar.

And this dog is very particular with strutting his way along… I tried to stop him once to say hi… he ignored me and went his merry way!?!?

Well, at least I know this is a healthy dog, and he knows the traffic rules!

*I’ve been hearing some amusing local doggies stories, I will be sporadically posting these once in a while 🙂



  1. I have actually seen dogs alone crossing a busy street. My heart drops because I think they are going to get run over. Some dogs actually check out the traffic before crossing. Smart dogs. I had a lab that got out and got run over.

  2. Yes, it’s interesting how some dogs really know how to check the traffic before running along. I’m always impressed by that, and same as you, every time my heart skips for I worry that they will be run over. I also had a mutt… got run over too… I have an interesting story to tell, no matter how sad it is…

  3. Jim, who has been my carpenter for years has a mix breed dog named Jake. Jake has followed his owner all over our small community at Jim’s side as he rides his bike and knows his way around and knows practicley everyone! Many times he has gotten out of his backyard so he can travel a mile or so to the the river that borders our town to go for a cooling swim. This involves crossing a number of streets in heavy traffic as well as stopping in to visit several shop owners with whom he’s friendly with. Old Jake has stopped at my shop after his dip to say Howdy! and get a drink and maybe hitch a ride home! No dummy here!!

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