New Bedspread, Cookies, and Bad Luck

March 3, 2008

So far the weekend has been eventful… hm…!

 Well, of course, after getting a whole new set of beddings, sheets, pillowcase and quilt, I have to show it off to the world! I’ve never had a whole set of beddings. It was always, say, a blue or a green mattress cover thing, then, a beige or brown pillowcase, and the yellow/blue striped mattress you sometimes see on photos with the girl on it.

Well, all the fun and excitement is not supposed to last. After making the bed anew, before I myself had a chance for a lie in, guess who went ahead first? But of course! It had to be the girl!

Whose bed is this again?

Yesterday I did some shopping after my German class. I had to… sis’ birthday is coming up soon and I had to get her something. After getting her the gift (I hope she likes it) I passed by Daiso, a Japanese $10-shop. But it’s come to the stage where they have other pricier items as well. I saw a cookie mix thingie, so I bought it just to try it out and have some fun in the kitchen.


 Well, it was fun while it lasted, but the outcome wasn’t all that good. It was way too sweet and I didn’t have to add any extra sugar. I only needed half an egg and 60g butter. Didn’t like the outcome. No wonder there were still an unidentified amount of packs of those leftover. urgh!

The bad luck started with the Car. After an incident, which scarred me for life in the category of parking on a slope/hill, I spent a large amount of money to fix my car, and then I parked it in an Aunt’s parking lot. In her designated parking space. I left the car there for 2 weeks. The front part of my car was as good as new.

When I went to get the car two days ago, someone had crashed into the front of my car. So my bumper is all scratched, and there supposedly is a hole for the air filter or something, and the cover for that hole is now off, dangling and hanging by a piece of I don’t know what. Strangely, I’m not even upset or mad. I’m just highly annoyed by the bad timing. Can’t you hit me before I spent all that money to fix the car anew?


And then, yesterday on my trip to China, the immigration told me my Visa’s expired and left me stranded in no-man’s-land. argh, I had to spend 160RMB and waited for an hour to get a temporary 3-day Visa. And my plan was just to spend the afternoon in China. 160RMB!!

 What a luck. What an adventure. Well, at least I now can boast that I have the experience of trying to enter a country with no Visa!


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