March 4, 2008

hm… so I raised a request to the school to defer my Thesis writing for a year.

Yesterday I received a phonecall inviting me attend a seminar on how to write a Thesis. If I’m writing a Business plan based thesis,  I have to attend the Wednesday (12 March) one, whilst if I’m writing a Research based thesis, I have to attend the Friday (14 March) one.

That means, I have to have had decided what I’d like to write.

Which, they’ve only contacted me 1 week before the ball rolls.

oh. joy. what now? Wasn’t the thesis thing supposed to start in August or September?

I have an appointment with our supposed supervisor (also the Dean of one of the departments/faculty) and I know that he’s quite cocky and full of himself when he speaks. I wonder how this verbal battle will go? I hope I have enough wits to at least not let him have full victory in the upcoming verbal battle.


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