Family Outing

March 8, 2008

So I took a day off from work yesterday because I absolutely had to make a trip to Hong Kong to run some errands at the Austrian Consulate General. That went well, thank all, and then it was full blast shopping and leisure stuff.

Passed by H&M – I have to say, I’m really like a country girl… I’ve never been to such a large-scale boutique/fashion shop… with so many rows of changing booths! And Macau really lacks these kind of places.

Then we had lunch at Coco Curry House, a restaurant at Lan Kwai Fong. I was prepared to meet the hoardes of people there (due to my previous experience at night there), but I absolutely was not expecting for the hoardes of restaurant hosts/bouncers (could I call them that?) to hug Mom and lead her to the table. hm…! but, I have to say, the food was good!

Then we roamed around here and there, I went to HMV, and happened t o come by a Macross DVD on sale. Macross 愛・おぼえていますか. For some reason I had to buy it! It sort of triggered my memory of old… very very old… long long time ago my cousins took me to the cinema and I watched my first movie in the cinema… and it was Macross. I remember Lynn Minmay singing that song. It was dubbed to Cantonese, and at that time, I hadn’t learnt how to speak Cantonese yet, but for some reason I remembered watching the movie…

 Well, after that, we roamed to Times Square Hong Kong. There we roamed abit and shopped around. Marks and Spencer was fun to roam at, but the pricing a little out of my budget…. Especially after spending the money on the errand I had to run at the Austrian Consulate General. But still, it was fun.

I also got myself a cheap 1GB iPod Shuffle. The sales explained that they’re on sale because the new 2GB iPod Shuffle is coming soon. I have no need for a 2GB Shuffle though. I’ve already got over 200 tracks on the 1GB one, 2GB is a bit over the top for me. Besides, the Shuffle line’s so… sleek and tiny, I’ve always liked it. I just don’t like using iTunes. Maybe I’ve gotten too used to Windows Media Player 11. iTunes converts my WMA files and then messes up the albums and artists… so I guess iTunes’ only here for me to put songs into the Shuffle.

oh, I also went to a Bobbi Brown counter at Sogo and for some weird reason my sister offered to give me their under-eye concealer set. Since the salesguy was trying to sell me the corrector as well, I said fine and I’d pay for it myself. Strangely, I had no urge to roam up to the 9th floor to check out their Japanese books section…

PageOne held many books I’d have loved to get, but I really know I couldn’t carry all that home. I eyed longingly at the fisheye camera thingie but didn’t get it either.

Anyway, I guess, when my passport is ready some 5 or 6 weeks later, I’d have to make a trip to Hong Kong again! H&M, I will be back. I find their prices quite affordable. A suit actually cheaper than that in Veeko and Wanko? And with even nicer designs… yep, a must return place.

And that, my friends, was my tiring and eventful trip to Hong Kong yesterday!


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