Professional Procrastinator

March 11, 2008

Can I add that as a title to myself?

Everytime I think of doing something about my Thesis, I will get distracted. A yawn. A thought. Day-dream. Fiddling with the phone. Changing the music that’s playing. Check my RSS feeds. Ruffle the dog’s fur. Look into the mirror. Walk out and chat about silly nothings with Mom. Compare the qualities of all my old crushes and try to think of other people as a potential crush, not because I have a crush, but just for the sake of putting off the Thesis.

I mean, it’s funny if I think of it in one way. But then, it really isn’t in another way either.

The Seminar’s supposed to be tomorrow night. I should at least have a draft of what I’d like to do with the Thesis. Thank god this time I do have a topic and I have drafted some preliminary outlines of certain things I’d like to do with regards to data mining and such.

And in my usual act of procrastinating, let me detail what I plan to do for my Thesis:

A One-Stop Pet Service Store.

oh, of course, it shall include the usual – pet grooming, pet supplies, pet accommodation, and all that. But it’s gotta have an edge to it… Full range service. Extensive product selection. Pet import/export documentation handling and processing. Together with an in-house pet-friendly cafe. Price can range from the common Mom-and-Pop style pet groomers or pet supplies stores to luxury type Spa and extravagant goods as well.

See, there, an outline!

Market potential-wise – according to statistics, pet ownership in Macau is increasing. Casual observation study sources also state a trend of “Better raising a pet than raising a kid” – and an increase in demand for pet pampering alternatives. Possible to expand to China? I need to do some research on that. (Which really, is long overdue).

Alright… with that I gotta expand and elaborate a bit so I have something on hand tomorrow.

I haven’t been having much time these days as someone resigned (and made a big show of it, I mentioned something in my previous post). I don’t mind doing the extra paperwork, but I now have to be really careful as I have to do the paperwork in Chinese. 你知啦, 我啲中文唔得ga ma, 無啦啦要我出單寫單都要用中文… 要花多啲時間去做lor… If only I could process the paperwork in English… I could do all that in a blast.

Maybe it’s just a matter of habit – I take it as a training to train myself to work more with Chinese!

The kat shall prevail!!!

What does not kill me, makes me stronger!!

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 – 1990) Twilight of the Idols, 1888

I shall rise and conquer it all! mwahaha! (now, I’m being a loon so that I could justify that I’m tired and I need sleep. ah~ the joys of procrastinating and the art of perfecting it…)


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