Slave to the MASTER CHEF Peppie

March 16, 2008

img_0692.jpgLet me introduce to you the real MASTER CHEF at home. It turns out that it’s not my Dad, it’s MASTER CHEF Peppie.

Yep, so after a short jog in the morning and classes in the afternoon, and after doing the required shopping for things, walking the dogs, having dinner, and working on my thesis for a bit, we actually did end up baking those Peanut Butter Cookies for Dogs!

img_0687.jpgAnyway we couldn’t get all the ingredients as listed in the instructions. It would seem whole wheat flour is virtually non-existent in Macau, or I went to the wrong supermarkets. The ones in our home area didn’t have. It was either plain flour or self raising flour. And seeing how we need baking powder, the self raising flour was out of the question too. Peanut butter… I wasn’t sure if Skippy is considered as natural… it was either Skippys or some unknown China brand… Skippy I got then. Again, we don’t have non-fat milk, only skimmed milk, but darn, the skimmed milk is so expensive… double the price of regular ones…

img_0688.jpgAs for the question of why I became a slave to the great MASTER CHEF Peppie, it shall come. See how he supervises me?

Does the Human girl know how to work around in the kitchen?

img_0689.jpgThat dog is really demanding… he had me working like a dog my arse off. He would bark if kneaded the thing wrong (before my Dad had a chance to tell me anything too!). Look at him, sitting on top of the fridge and overseeing my every action!

You’re doing this wrong! You won’t get as much cookies if you cut it this way!!!!!


And the dog had the cheek to relax when it was my Dad working on the dough! 

Now this guy knows what he’s doing! I can rest!

I can always learn!! And learn I will! MASTER CHEF Peppie, you will see the day I could bake you good cookies without the help of Dad!

img_0695.jpg img_0693.jpg  img_0703.jpg

So you can see, the dough cutting, the baking and the final outcome. The one really amazing thing is that MASTER CHEF Peppie really knows his stuff… I had put a timer on 20 minutes, and certainly while waiting he barked and was making a helluva noise. I didn’t bother with him. When the timer beeped, I checked the cookies, the cookies were a bit too browned, and some were a little burnt. Bugger.Then the second batch I decided to put on 15 minutes. Certainly MASTER CHEF Peppie started barking as well, and this time, I trusted him. I went to retrive the cookies. The cookies came out alot better than the first. Not 2 minutes later the timer beeped.And the unbelievable thing is… the same thing happened for the following batches of cookies… till the last. MASTER CHEF Peppie knows when the cookies are done!


So he tries the cookies… seems like he likes them!


I only eat in the morning because if I eat at night I’ll get a tummy. As you can see, I already have one. So I decline to try it this time!


Some Notes:

They came out quite good, actually. It’s not sugar-sweet, but the slight Peanut butter taste gives it a good twist. Actually Dad was a little hesitant to combine the peanut butter and the milk, as we weren’t using the right flour and he was worried the dough would get too wet. He was, as always when it comes to his cooking, right, and the dough did get too wet. The cookies practically blew off in the oven, and it would seem we added too much baking powder. Dad explained that baking powder works off liquid, and as the dough was wet and had milk in, the baking powder worked “overdrive”, so to speak.

His plan on how to tweak the recipe: skip the milk, replace with 1 egg, and add slightly more peanut butter.

Stay tuned for Peanut Butter Cookies for Dogs, trial 2 (if it ever comes)!



  1. I guess if you’re in a different country and can’t get the ingredients it does make a little difference.

    You can use whole milk. I just used non fat (or skim milk) to save a few calories for my fat dog Sissy.

    Sorry you couldn’t get whole wheat flour. The whole wheat flour is better than bleached flour as far as health is concerened.

    Natural peanut butter has all of the peanut oil in it and it is oily on top. You have to stir it to make it smooth and creamy. Again, natural peanut butter doesn’t have all those chemicals in it that regular peanut butter has.

    I think the problem with your recipe may have been the flour as it is a different texture than whole wheat flour.

    Yes, I think it is the peanut butter that makes the dogs love them so much.

    This was a great post.

    My pleasure to do so 😉
    hm.. it’s really inconvenient when we can’t get certain ingredients, but we’ll go through trial and error to see how it works best with what we have. It would seem that even the peanut butter we used is not natural. But it was fun making it under the direction and supervision of Master Chef Peppie and a relief that they do like it! Thanks for hte recipe!

  2. These “woofies” look pretty royal to me!

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