Shopping for Music

March 17, 2008

If there is one place I do internet shopping at, it’s at CD Japan. It’s very trusty and in my entire patronage, sometimes, when there are some issues, their support team are very pro-active and contact me directly for issues – and when I reply or give them feedback, they respond almost immediately.

Well, granted, I have never shopped at any other places either – I would like to shop at Amazon (either UK or US) but then shipping charges all the way to here is really a killer. But, there will be a day when I’ll get something from there (just you wait).

As most of the items I plan to buy are always available in Hong Kong, usually what I need to do is simply schedule trips to Hong Kong and get whatever it is I had wanted. But many times when I want to get something from certain artists in Japan, which virtually no one in Hong Kong knows of, I fall back to CD Japan. Their rates are pretty honest (except for this purchase I did because the Yen is growing strong…!) and I get to choose either an EMS delivery or a normal registered mail delivery. Usually when my order includes new releases and I’d like to be the first among the world to get an item I’d use EMS shipping (and they ship 2 days earlier so it arrives right on the release date).

This time I’m ordering some already-out items so I opted for the more economical registered mail delivery.

I’m now suddenly on a Naomi Tamura 田村直美 mania and all that I ordered are related to her. Since this involved getting some of her other collaborations and such, this was quite a strategic combination…

The purchase:

Crises – Naomi Tamura – LYCL-1 – 2005.11.16
tamuranaomi aka sho-ta sho-ta aka tamuranaomi – Naomi Tamura – YZGT-2 – 2007.01.21
PEARL 20th Anniversary Best – PEARL – UPCY-6455 – 2007.12.12
G2 – tamKore – YZGT-3 – 2007.03.07

It would seem that Tamura was involved in a band called PEARL before her solo career and there was a PEARL reunion of sorts. tamKore is a duo project (? or permanent group?) and I’m expecting their work to be more acoustic in style. I would have liked to get the Heaven’s Here album but seeing as it’s just a self cover album with remixes and re-recordings… I decided maybe later.

So now I am happily waiting for my order to arrive. But not looking forward to the bill, heh…


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