The Cesar Plane

March 20, 2008

I’m not sure where exactly the Cesar brand stands on food nutrition and suitability issues, but yes, my dogs have Cesar. For dry food, they have Hills as recommended by the vet.

Our previous dogs used to eat Pedigree (dry and canned) but nowadays everyone says that Pedigree harms the dog’s health. I am not sure about that… but all my dogs on Pedigree did live to see an old age – with a generally healthy status.

I personally think it was all just a scam against Pedigree. Back in those days, there was virtually no choice in pet food – only Pedigree (for dogs) and Whiskers (for cats). It’s only recently that there have been more imports and I guess that was a way to get people to buy the new brands, by saying Pedigree is not good.

But anyway, in Hong Kong and Macau, Cesar sometimes makes promotions to redeem certain gifts with the tin cans (or trays, I should say…)

This time, it’s an aeroplane dog bed! That beeps!!


We’ve already got a Cesar Ferrari dog bed and at that time, they wanted 300 tin trays! This time, for some weird reason, 50 tin trays can get us this Cesar Aeroplane dog bed. I wonder why? And it’s for this reason that I’m just on the waiting list since their stock has run out and they’re not even sure if they could replenish. If they could, lucky us, we have so many tin trays, we probaby could get 2!

The dogs themselve don’t really care, I think… they have invaded the human beds, after all…



  1. That bed is awesome!

  2. yeah, but in the end i couldn’t get it… out of stock…

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