Waiting for…

March 27, 2008

Right, the school people did say that they would take Easter to go through our submission and let us know of something on Monday. It’s Thursday and I’ve heard nothing from them yet.

I know I should be calling up to ask what’s wrong, but I can’t bother to do that. I’m going along with the outline I submitted and am well on my way to writing the actual thing already.

Does it bother you that when you don’t really need your BS-ing capabilities the words just flow to you, but when you really need it you are simply tongue tied?

I’m still writing the introduction but need some more facts and figures to support me. Hm… the research continues… I hope to get everything done by tomorrow afternoon so I could submit it and at least be done with part of it for the weekend.

I really really really want to skip German as it is prooving to be useless… I don’t need to be taught by someone who’s not sure what and how to teach.


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