Ranty Rant

April 5, 2008

okay… the new dashboard design and stuff freaked me out for a moment there. But anyway…

Tomorrow evening is the deadline for the first 2 chapters of the Thesis. Guess what I’ve been doing? Well, I have been writing the Thesis but I found myself stumped in many parts… oh, how am I to determine what market share I’d like to have and how much gross profit and contribution margin I’d like to target without making any calculations first? They’re essentially asking me to dictate whatever I’d like to be done, then make it happen.

Am I a boss-from-hell-in-the-training? I can’t do this!

And again, all these obstacles have thrown me off into my uber-procrastinating mood… well, mind you, I’ve already added a kazillion more goals, both long and short term, financial, personnel and market – compatible and made as much changes in certain parts as possible. I’m still finding hard to get my hands on some other supportive evidence… I don’t want to claim that all my findings are anecdotal… (but then, in truth, they are)

And then I’m always distracted. If I try to concentrate on the Thesis, I get distracted by the music playing and pay more attention to the music instead of the Thesis. Well, I tried to play around and found out that it’s true… When I was trying to concentrate during the German class today, I simply took a pile of note paper and started drafted some extra tidbits of the Thesis. yay to myself for finding ways to make myself work properly.

Dinner tonight with C, H and Y, a belated Happy Birthday to C, but then… oops, I had no time to get her a present. yikes. Times like this, just be truthful… I’ll have to get her present next week when all deadlines and exams are done and over with…


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