April 15, 2008

Well, it is a student’s responsibility to initiate any contact with the supervisor and/or the assistant in order to complete your thesis.

yeah, that’s what all that mumbo jumbo was about last time when I went to that seminar was all about.

so now what? I send them some emails requesting a review and comments, do they give me any? not in the slightest. and then it’s my responsibility for not reminding them or make them reply me? I sent 3 identical emails, each stating that I was wondering whether they’d received my query. One would get the hint to at least reply with a note of receipt acknowledgement or something. But nay, that is not to happen for me.

I feel empowered by my new sense of irritation. Maybe that can fuel my fire and motivation to just get it over with.

Well, but I can’t always be complaining about life either, could I? It just wouldn’t do! I have successfully, with the help of the R4, made my NDS into an ebook reader! Well, provided that the book in question is in txt format… but still, it’s pretty nifty! Now, finally, I can carry a book with me all the while I’m out…. and not heavy at all. Now I could go look up all those old ebooks I searched for all those years ago. hehe…

The weather is getting warmer day by day. I’m getting pretty much addicted holidays and ferverently wishing to have more holidays!!! but will that be possible? I don’t know…

May 1st… is a good target… If I take May 2nd off as well… sounds like a plan!


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