Beauty of Harmony in Macau 2008

May 1, 2008

Rachel has very kindly helped us arrange a couple of tickets for the rehearsal of the Beauty of Harmony in Macau 2008. That’s a water magical show (not exactly, IMHO) by Valerio Festi.

The show was interesting in the sense that the special effecs and lightings were all spectacular, and the props used were interesting as well. Lights, boats, fire, hot air balloons (I think), laser lightings and floating things…

However, it’s a sad thing that I couldn’t enjoy the show as I’d liked to. Everything was very nice, yes, but I didn’t see any point in all of the three parts… It says on the flyer that Part One is Harmony, Part Two is Passion, and Part Three is Beauty.

I really didn’t get any of that. To me, it was just a show of special effects. Maybe it’s because it was a rehearsal that everything didn’t seem all too connected, but well, really, it was just one stunt after another.

I’m not saying I didn’t like the show. It was nice, yes, but erm… I guess art has a strange way of expression…??

After that, it was back home and work on.

I guess I’ve procrastinated enough… I really really really need to start working on my thesis again… what a bore!

More photos at my Flickr 🙂


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