All for Mommy

May 9, 2008

With Mother’s day approaching, I’ve already started planning what to do. Score 1 for me! I got a gift ready and I already have a reservation at a restaurant that she likes alot. yippee!

Mother’s day always has me wrecking my brains for things to do, because, well, you know, it’s Mother’s day.

Oh, there will be a “Patua” show on sunday as well, but due to ticketing problems I can’t go together with mom. She has decided that since I’ll have lunch with her, she will watch the show with Sis. Well, fair enough, but where do I find someone willing to watch a Patua show with me? It’s almost a dead language already.

Patua is sub-dialect (or… a standalone language?) that got alot of influence from various languages, such as Portuguese, Cantonese, English, and I’ve come to my own conclusion, even Malay. Not many people speak it now, only some of the older Macanese people do. I myself don’t speak it either, but since I’ve heard a couple of conversations in it and I also have a CD with some Patua songs on it, I sort of picked up the theory on how a word is made.

I also found out that the Venetian is having this promotion with this funny game… hahaha!


have fun!


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