The Flu Strikes with Vengeance

May 20, 2008

and when will this blasted headache stop??

I’ve been feeling a little off and on the brinks of succumbing to the flu for the last few days. Today, I guess, I fell. argh…

and the headache won’t stop… dammit….

I can’t believe I managed to sleep off the whole afternoon and am still feeling sleepy and wishing to go on sleeping, but Mom said I had better stay up just in case I couldn’t sleep tonight….

but I want to sleep off the headache… oh darnit… it hurts…

I uploaded some old pics to facebook…. been tagging people like mad… but then turns out that i don’t really remember all that many people out there… ooops…

bones hurt… throat is sore, but no cough yet… i’m worrid i’m in for more tomorrow, but i took a day off already… don’t want to take another….


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