totally weirded out

May 30, 2008

riiiight… I am totally weirded out.

Cross that, I’m in a full panic attack.

On Wednesday, during that seminar class, everyone was saying that the professor was totally being crazy and making a full ruckus of everything. Braving his temper, I went to see him today.

he… he…. he….. scared the sh*t out of me… I mean, I was expected a sour face, oh, and even being shoo-ed away. I would have been quite… erm… not satisfied, but I would have felt quite normal if he yelled at me.

I was not expecting for him to be totally chipper and say things “you are so going in the right direction that I don’t think you have to worry about anything!!!!!11!!11!!!!”

It was so tempting to eyeroll him. duh.

Now great, when he says that, I have no idea what is wrong and what else to do to make it better. I’m slowly approaching the finance part, and hell, I don’t know stuff on numbers. Tonight I plan to finish the HR and organization part and argh… I need to get a research proposal done as well.

Tonight is going to be hard work. argh… wish me luck?


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