June 8, 2008

It’s about time for me to go to sleep…

The thesis… the more I analyze data, the more I feel bleak…

Well yeah, one would think that my idea was pretty much a good one, and I also understand my supervisor’s enthusiasm in making it a chain, but trying to do something like Petco (well, not as large scale though) where the local dog population is like, 7900 dogs… I simply don’t think it works… hm…

Not to mention that we do not have any data whatsoever on live animal imports by species. I guess that’s because only dogs are required to be licensed here…?

Well, at least I got more of the work done. I guess I’ll stop stop here (just in the middle of writing about the joys and wows of PETCO) and continue tomorrow… anyway, after the section of PETCO I have to start working on the numbers already…

oh, numbers… I hate thee… I really really don’t like numbers…


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