Album: DEEN The Best クラシックス

June 22, 2008

DEEN The Best クラシックス
DEEN [website]


Disc 1 Winter~Spring

  1. このまま君だけを奪い去りたい ~Acoustic version~
  2. 永遠をあずけてくれ ~Millennium a cappella version~
  3. オーロラ
  4. Christmas time
  5. The Room
  6. 素顔で笑っていたい <Heartstrings Style>
  7. 遠い空で <Acoustic Band Style>
  8. せせらぎ
  9. 夢の蕾
  10. 僕の未来
  11. I Promise You
Disc 2 Summer~Autumn

  1. Memories 2007
  3. 君がいない夏 <acoustic version>
  4. 木漏れ日
  5. Smile Blue DEEN featuring 押尾コータロー
  6. Sunrise Sunset
  7. 未来のために (Sing-along Version)
  8. ひとりじゃない (Bossa Nova Style)
  9. Deep in Autumn
  10. 秋桜 ~more & more~
  11. 恋人よ、夢も嘘もすべて
  12. 白い記憶 DEEN featuring 矢野沙織


I must say, I was really happy when I got my hands on this pretty thing. Many of my favourite DEEN songs are on this album, and remixed to a more, non-plugged or classical style. It is simply beautiful. oooohh, I loved 素顔で笑っていたい, 君がいない夏 and SUNSHINE ON SUMMER TIME 2007.

Then there are also some new tracks (or just tracks I haven’t heard of before) like Smile Blue, Sunrise Sunset夢の蕾, 僕の未来, and 秋桜 ~more & more~… and many more I just couldn’t remember which track to which.
The only downside is there are still some tracks which I really would have loved to be included and remixed but were not there. Naturally I’m talking about 夢であるように and also 翼を風に乗せて~fly away~, and maybe even ユートピアは見えてるのに~Twilight style~, but erm,… not my place to say really….
Well yes, I am right now on the DEEN frenzy again. My next CD Order sees the 14th album DEEN PERFECT SINGLES+(プラス) [details] (with DVD limited edition!) in my order list as well. oh, I feel so smug! I know this time it’s just a compilation of singles, but this will mark as my first actual DEEN album order. And this certainly won’t be the last, as I’ve got the album Diamonds [details] in my wishlist as well!!
*let’s just hope the HTML and the table don’t muck up here!

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