June 26, 2008

ah…. so now I’m in a drifting mood…

So everyday at work I spend some time looking at my thesis and thinking, “why have I decided to bring this unto myself?” ai… and the numbers, the figures, I know nothing about. I try to make educated guesses, and then I actually try to compute some figures… but they look so gawd-damned inflated that I’m scared to put it down.

We all know how I’m an absolute genius when it comes to numbers.


then there’s the presentation skills workshop…. why, I used to be able to stand on a stage and bluff so much… but why now I couldn’t do anything like that? ohwell, lack of practice? loss of confidence? I dunno… but it’s just annoying and disheartening.


German class cancelled for the week as the teacher is sick. erm… I got a sudden extra Saturday off? oh… wow….

I’ve been feeling… not well lately… I wonder if I’m coming down with something? wish me well!!


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