Of Swans and life and games…

July 2, 2008

and it’s July! this means that we have reached the second half of the year already… is time flying too fast now? It sure does seeem so…

Last week I went to see the Swan Lake ballet. Well… let’s just say that it’s not entirely my cup of tea. I rather enjoyed the orchestral performance more than the dance… I don’t mean to say that it was not good, just not my type of thing. Well, and looking at the dance, I sort of got the impression that it was the Joker that had the more difficult moves and it seemed that he was more fun to watch.

And seeing men in stockings just isn’t my thing either…

on the whole, it was quite nice: We had a nice seat, the orchestra was great, and I got to see an actual ballet (never been to one before, really). So, it was an eye-opening experience.

Another thing is, well, mom and dad are on a holiday again. So it’s all up to me and my sis to fend for the dogs and the ferrets. oh, I can see just what I will be doing… lazing around… but then strangely last night I cleared the drawers and sorted through alot of clothes… ooohh, wow! Well, what I did was just clean up and fold the clothes well, but maybe I should really look into giving some of the old and/or unfitting clothes away instead.

There’s a book fair going on which I plan to go to tomorrow. yippie! more books! or maybe not… the backlog of books waiting to be read is just growing… every single day…

oh, and yes, I’ve been busy with my Thesis… the final part is just painful, and I’ll need to do a research of sorts… not just that… just, ohwell…!

Though, on the side, I am also keeping myself busy with Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. heehee… I thought I’d get bored by this kind of strategy game soon, but somehow the storyline’s keeping me intrigued enough to continue on. But things are getting tricky, I admit, as my levels increase, so do the bosses… ah… let me see how far I’m going to play this game…

I suppose that’s about that. The update I present to you 🙂 I’m a tad bit on the tired side… I woke up earlier than usual and I actually did my morning run this morning (wow!) I’m hoping I could continue to do that and not stop half way…!!!


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