Album: Kaleidoscope

July 19, 2008

米倉千尋 Chihiro Yonekura [website]


1. Kaleido Earth
2. 青空とキミへ
3. Sailing
4. tsubomi
5. Happy Happy Birthday
6. Dear my friend
7. ライオンの翼
8. True Name
9. 恋の時間
10. 胸いっぱいの愛
11. ボクはShine!!
12. 栞

☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆

Chihi… it has been a long time since I ventured to listen to some new Chihi songs. Well, I’ve been a bit wary of new Chihi releases because of one particular album… There is no doubt I loved her Colours and her apples album, then her SPRING ~start on a journey~ album was quite good too. But then for some reason I got scarred when I got her azure and Cheers albums. Sorry, I just totally freaked out and stopped getting new Chihi releases…

Well, it did take me quite a long time to decide whether to get this Kaleidoscope album or not… I decided to give her a final chance, and voila, an album that I like. I’m thinking if I should backtrack to Fairwings or not. Then again, my aim really is to get the older Chihi albums like I believe and always.

In Kaleidoscope, I find I’m liking Kaleido Earth, 青空とキミへ (aosorato kimihe), and 恋の時間 (koi no jikan) very much. These are all the more up-beat-y numbers. Then again ライオンの翼 (raion no tsubasa) has that very nostalgic feel that I absolutely adore, just like Feel Me from her Colours album; not so much at the chorus though, it goes back to up-beat-y again.

Sailing is quite cute and catchy too, and Chihi seems to be singing with more gusto and huffing a little too (for the song theme maybe?)

Not trying to forget the slower and softer songs, the tracks from this album are not bad at all. In fact, I could see myself enjoying every single track in this album! I think that this time the album is very well done and I highly recommend this to those considering.


Watch out for some upcoming updates, I got quite some new albums (might be old stuff but newly acquired) so I’ll probably be commenting on these new materials as well!



  1. try her fairwings album if u like the kaleidoscope album u will like fairwings more

  2. Not so bad review at all. I like Yonekura Chihiro because of her Gundam 08th MS Team, Senkaiden Hoshin Engi and Kaleido Star works. I didn’t listen to Kaleidoscope album seriously, but if you want to listen listen really good chihi songs, try her “jam” album. That’s the best, of you ask me.

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