Augusty Summer

August 4, 2008

It’s August. It’s hot. It’s boiling hot. argh! Totally spoils my mood for whatever I have to do.

My right eye hurts bad, really bad… yesterday it was bloodshot red, today it looks better but it hurts really bad. Feels like it’s going to burst… and somehow the pain seems to extend deeper into my eardrum and even part of my throat. I know it’s all inter-connected but I hope it’s nothing serious, I can only make a booking tomorrow but I doubt the doctor is accepts a same-day booking. Anyway, I’ll try tomorrow.

Been feeling really off lately. Lost interest in very many things. I think it’s my eye problem that has got me so frustrated. Argh it hurts. and I’m talking in circles again.

ohwell, I just got 2 major issues resolved, thank all deities… I’m so glad that I got it all settled today. Maybe I could ask for a holiday for later in the week. Might as well take a short rest.

ei, I guess I’ll try to get some shut eye… although I’m still at work… but damn, my eye hurts so much, it’s not funny… I’m in pain!!


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