Typhoon Kammuri

August 6, 2008

The arrival of Typhoon Kammuri has granted us all an extra day off. w00t! I received a message from my friend C stating that the local Meteorological department will hoist the #8 signal at 7am sharp… I got message at around 6.50am… so wow, I shot up and switched on the TV to see… and bingo! Typhoon signal #8! yay!

I didn’t go back to sleep though… I stood up and did various things… took the dogs out (before it got really windy), had dad go drive me to pick my car from Barra since his old car wasn’t starting. Then we saw the mechanic guy, he said he got nothing to do anyway so he went to work… haha… and we drove him to the old car and he tried to start the car, and it started!!!! But he also said that something was wrong with the car, so now we know, something is wrong with the car!!

So… with all that extra time… what else did I do today? Honestly, I did sit down to work on the thesis thingie… but I lost passion when I looked at some numbers… *sigh* I seriously need to concentrate on that soon.

Seeing how a nice guy the mechanic is, and Dad was talking about cakes, I commented that it was a totally neat idea to bake a chocolate cake… specifically, the family “Midnight Cake” (No idea where the name came from). Sorry, it’s a family recipe, so I’m not divulging the actual recipe…

What I could say is… it involves… an awful lot of cocoa powder… more than your usual cocoa-powder-made chocolate cakes… A sad thing that our baking powder was a tad old and so the cake didn’t rise like it should… we also tried the gas oven, and although we didn’t cut nor eat any of the cakes yet, I think that the gas oven gives a nicer finish to the appearance of the cake. The convention oven causes cracks on the cake…

I remember Dad lectured me about why cakes crack at the top when you bake them… as you can see I have totally thrown that piece of information out of the window… I just don’t remember… I only remember to draw a cross or a line on top of the batter before putting it into the oven so that it would crack nicer.

I also washed the dogs… oh, how the dogs are clean now. But I also found out that Peppie has an extreme case of ticks… but for some strange reason the other dog has no ticks at all. Do ticks behave like mosquitoes? Do they choose a specific blood type? I really couldn’t figure that out…

These 2 nice pieces of chocolates were from a colleague who went on holiday somewhere… I think Thailand? And she got us a box of spiffy chocolates… and of course I just had to snap the pretty design of the chocolates!

Lastly, this is a totally random photo… This was shot one time when I was out with J. I know that this industry of making these types of chinese-style signages is a dying one, so when I saw this, I just had to snap a photo of it… just in case I never get to see this again. These used to be fairly common, but they say that nowadays it’s a lot cheaper to do normal signages… and this type of chinese signage is also quite dangerous to build… hey, it’s handmade and with bamboos… and these are very heavy!

ah… and now I’m on my Nintendo DS… I’m replaying Final Fantasy III, on my first playthrough of Final Fantasy IV, am also back to NintenDogs… trying to build a nice town on Animal Crossing, attempting to accomplish all sidequests on Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, just managed to unlock the Oni level of Meccha! Taikono Tatsujin DS, am unable to figure Professor Layton and the Curious Village‘s weekly puzzle #25, and trying to complete the quest game at Zoo Keeper.

Today was quite an accomplished day, if I do say so myself! yeah~~



  1. Hi Kat, Our company has an office in Macau and I was just trying to find some info on the typhoon when I stumbled on your site. I took a little break from work and skimmed your site looking for pictures and snippets about life in Macau. I was there (for 2 days) on business back in 2006 and really enjoyed it. I hope to come back again sometime soon for a week or two so that I can snoop around and see more of the sights. I’m in El Paso Texas so not only is the culture vastly different, but so is the landscape. Our monsoon season is just about over and we have a total of 5.5 inches of rain FOR THE YEAR! To say it’s dry here is an understatement, but I like it a lot and it’s home. Anyway, just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your thoughts and adventures.

  2. aww what a nice comment.

    Wow, Kata, what a productive day! =D congrats! I got so excited when I saw all your DS games. I finished Professor Layton! I played it day-in day-out until I finished everything. hahaha I used to hum the theme song when I wasn’t playing.

    And! I used to spend so much time on Animal Crossing..until it got too repetitive and too time consuming. Mmm what else? I tried FF3 but never finished it, as well as Nintendogs.

    Oh! I highly recommend “Puzzle Quest – challenge of the warlords” I was highly addicted to that. Finished it not too long ago.

    Righ now, I’m in DS-limbo. I don’t know what to do next. =3

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