東北人 Dong Bei Ren

August 13, 2008

Restaurant: 東北人 Dong Bei Ren (lit. North-Eastern Folks)
Type: (Northern) Chinese Style
Pricing: Budget. VERY Budget. But good
Location: Next to McDonalds’ at Rua do Campo
Restaurant Link / Food Idea link

I went on a mini-reunion of primary school classmates last night. Originally we had planned to go to Tacos (Food Idea link), but then Maria decided to try this new Chinese place, as it’s pretty new and she heard good things about them. And thus we decided to forego the Mexican food and instead went to this new Chinese place.

It’s quite small… and packed with people. Tables are on the tiny side (heh). All the staff seem to only speak Mandarin, and the very Northern Chinese style of Mandarin (in terms of terminology and certain wordings). In fact I dare say that all their staff are imported labour… but how they managed this feat is beyond me… (local labour bureau is trying to keep import labours a minimum).

The food was good. We asked for a mushroom and chicken stew-type of thing… the portion was… huge… totally not what you would expect when you see the price…

There’s one dish which the other table ordered that was really special. It was a sweet-and-sour fish, the chinese special kind where it seems as if the fish was flipped inside out (like a mango) and deep fried. It was flaming too (wow!). The server placed this dish on the table and said something along the lines of “This dish has a theme song. Would you like me to sing it for you? Please applause and give me some support!” and the server started singing with another server that just happened to walk past.

Sometime before their last order time (I guess) they started group singing. All the servers stood in a different spot of the restaurant, and the girls started flipping a piece of chinese embroided cloth. and they all started singing the finale.

It was really fun and interesting, and I shall go there again… with someone who actually speaks Mandarin and reads Chinese. I’m glad Maria was there with me… the server girl seemed to be asking me so many things that I was able to pick up but wasn’t able to answer… at all… ha….


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