Friday Friday!

September 5, 2008

Today was basically another normal workday… except that the boss suddenly decided he wanted to take the afternoon off.

So we had a boss-free afternoon again. wow.

After work today, A had asked me to go over to her workplace. Apparantly, after changing jobs, she now has to through intensive training… and she has to meet up with a certain 3-digit amount of people and run through her sales pitch in front of her manager… wow…. I wouldn’t have chosen this kind of job as I don’t really like public speaking and I don’t like to talk to people and sell them things…

Well, I don’t mind sitting in helping A do her training session, but please please please don’t sell me anything… I will ask when I know I need something, but for now I’m ok…

Upon arriving home, I see a stack of letters for me… oops… more bills to pay. I just get lazy to go setle them all… but i know I really should get a grip and pay them all in a timely manner… right…

Among the letters, I received the Annual Progress Report 2008 for my WorldVision sponsor child. Good boy! I see you’re learning well, though you are a little underweight, I guess…? keep up the good work and this year I’m sending you a letter because I guess you’re old enough to know someone sent you a letter? hmm…!!

I feel really sleepy… maybe I should go sleep…


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