2008 Mid Autumn Festival

September 15, 2008

Yesterday was the Mid Autumn Festival, and today we have a public holiday because on the night of Mid Autumn Festival, people usually stay up late, and so it’s the day after that’s a holiday.

some pictures for your viewing pleasure:::

The following are some mooncake boxes… the mooncake boxes are in themselves a kind of art too!

From left to right —>
Generic Cake Shop -> Golden Dragon Group -> MGM Grand

From left to right —>
Hotel Grand Lisboa -> “Iced” Mooncake from Generic Cake Shop

These are the fireworks tha we went to see up on my building’s rooftop… many of our neighbours came up to see as well. I might be going again for the next few rounds in the weekend.
I think these fireworks are from the UK.

What is the mid-autumn festival without lanterns?

And this is supposedly the round round Moon, but, I decided to play with the camera settings… haha! You can try that too!

This weekend was fun. Check my Flickr account to find more photos!


One comment

  1. wow those are pretty mooncake boxes!! I only got the generic ones over here in Toronto. I really like the Lisboa one. that one looks so cool

    it seems that macau has changed so much. thanks for periodically showing pictures of macau! I might be going back for x’mas holidays….Man.. i think i’ll get lost :p

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