This is my Cow-Themed Car

September 21, 2008

Today I feel like making a bilingual post!

 This is my Cow-Themed Car. The name’s Crowley. Crowley the Cow-Cow-Car!
これは私の車、名前がある。Crowley the 牛車で~す。見て、見て、たくさん牛アイテムがあるから!

It’s been almost 4 years… and I still like this car very much 🙂 The backseat is removable, so I always take my dogs out in this car.




  1. I’ve got to say that that is one crazy ride! :O)
    NICE auto, Kat, and by the way, my favorite friend on the Internet is named “Kit” so maybe you and I will make a fabulous pair.
    We shall see.
    Friendship is such a warm feeling,
    Laurel Rogers


    • sorry, I guess your comment got caught in the pending queue.
      Thanks! Yeah, I like that car very much 😀

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