New Air Conditioner

October 30, 2008

Today we got a new air conditioner, because the old one started dripping water continuously even after cleaning. Not just so, my laptop almost died because it was swimming in water! Poor thing!

However, now that I look at it, I think the handwork was very poorly done. The new air conditioner is slightly smaller than the old one, and so you could see on the wall the old paint and the new paint. I’d almost forgotten that my room originally was pink in color. (eweee!)

But then again, well, thanks to the installation of the new air conditioner, I had to clean up my room and now it’s finally not as cluttered as before! my room is clean for once! I trashed out 3 bags’ worth of… trash and also cleared out 2 boxes of stuff.

There’s this doggie piggie bank that I decided to keep using, while I had to store my cutesy Blue Puyo Puyo piggie bank. The Puyo bank was way too big, so I decided to store it and use the dog for now… sorry Puyo! I may love you a lot, but space is space and I need space!

Talking about doggies, this doggie was feeling pretty comfortable on my bed.

Not just so, I’m also now ready of Halloween! I’ve got a few of my Jack stuff out, and I even used the Nightmare before Christmas bedsheets, keeheehee!!

The other night, when I went out with the dogs, I managed to find some nice shots under the Sai Van Bridge. More photos! heehee!


After cleaning some stuff here and there, I rummaged out the mini mini mini travel TV I got from Dad after his episode in the hospital. After getting it connected, I switched it on to see if it worked. It did, and was on default on a Taiwanese channel called JET and it was broadcasting endless Japanese programs… from some Japanese family entertainment programs, to news and J-drama “Tokyo Tower”, it was just non-stop Japanese shows. Wow. It seemed like it was a channel from Japan, except for the adverts.

And yes, that’s it for today! Hope you liked the shots! 😀 The below bloom is from the Four Seasons Macau.


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