November 十一月まで

November 13, 2008

Today I feel like posting photos and attempting to make a bilingual post again 🙂

Last week was Dad’s Birthday. We had a Mint Chocolate Cake. Look at the color!

Apparantly, Mom really understands what Dad likes. She got him a…

Toy Helicopter!! It’s flyable! おもちゃのヘリコプター!! 飛ばすことができます!

This is flower is from our balcony mini garden. Well, this is the only flower from this pot…

And the following are some photos from the Lusofonia.

The dogs tagged along. 二匹ワンちゃんも一緒に行きま~す~。

Gate ゲート

Garden 公園

People and stalls 色々な人と店

Where are you Peppie? ペッピー、どこにいますか?

The Festival お祭り

Church window under construction 修理中の教会の窓

And these photos are from the 8th Macau International Food Festival.

Games! ゲーム!

So many scooters! We have a scooter problem in Macau.


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