My New Canon EOS 1000D

December 23, 2008

My New Canon EOS 1000D

Originally uploaded by elusive kat

I bought a new DSLR the other day…
I found it was pretty cheap, and the shop had interest-free installment option. Not only that, but the sales guy was very enthusiastic to sell “Photography as a hobby” and not the actual camera.

I got to have a try on different expensive lenses and also a Sony DSLR that cost 6 times as much as my EOS 1000D…. now I understand why certain people fall in love with photography and cameras….

I got a freebie camera bag, a lense and camera cleaning kit, a 4GB memory card and I also got to pay my original purchase of a digital photoframe by credit card but priced at the cash amount. Oh, I also got 2 Canon magazines. wow……….

I have been reading up on SLRs and how to operate/control the photos and am slowly getting the hang of some things (but not others) oh well…. will continue to try harder!

By the way, the weather is great today! it’s below 10C degrees, it’s slightly chilly but it’s SUNNY at the same time! Best combination of weather! oh why do I have to work today?


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