Last few days of December

December 28, 2008

IMG_0027 View the greatness of my new camera!

Yes, I bought the Canon EOS 1000D and so far I’m loving it. The file sizes are slightly different than usual so I’ve been spending a little time playing around with the sizing and dimensions.

Anyway, what you see here is again some flower from our mini-garden!

IMG_0115 Next up, let me show you what I had for breakfast the other day. This is one type of Chinese Breakfast, the 豬腸粉 (lit. “Pig’s Intestines”), 白米粥 (plain congee) and 牛利蘇 (lit. “Ox Tongue Pastry”). Well, usually people do not choose to have Ox Tongue Pastry, I for a fact like it so much, I always ask for it, no fail!

As to what they really are, well, the congee is just plain white congee (in fact, it’s more rice water than congee, really) and the Ox Tongue is, as the name implies, a pastry, or a kind of bread. The Pig Intestines thing is actually just rice flour rolls, but it looks so much like Pig Intestines that it’s called Pig Intestines, then it’s cut into pieces. You eat it with soy sauce, sesame paste sauce and Chinese “sweet” sauce.

Tell you what, it’s got 0 nutritional value (my own assumption) but it can keep you full up till lunch, so it’s a good breakfast, maybe…

IMG_0125The boss also decided to get me something for Christmas… It was a body wash from… somewhere (right now I don’t remember, just that it’s something good) and a Kiehl’s body lotion. I also got off work earlier that day and managed to get some last minute shopping done!

IMG_0150Then it’s Christmas Eve. Here are some Christmas Eve views of Central Macau, these were taken after I went to the Midnight Mass.

The Midnight Mass was surprisingly good. I managed to find an English Mass and it wasn’t too full to begin with, so it was good! The only thing was… the mass itself took forever to end (I’m not complaining!) because they actually had an actual choir singing. So yeah, it was good!


Nifty night lights!

This year the government did quite a good job with the overall city decoration. Everywhere looked pretty unified and not like several cities trying to blend together. I like this year’s starry lights!

IMG_0188The home party was… a mess… with kids, you can’t expect to be very clean, really.

We exchanged presents and this year my loot was actually quite good, I found most of what I got pretty useful, you see!

Then the following few photos are just random shots from our Christmas dinner…

The "Ladu" and the "Alua" - yummy Macanese Christmas foods!Good eggnog substituteOur Christmas feast. No, you do not see a whole turkey.Make-shift game for the kidsIMG_0132

And then I had a Uni gathering over at Rocks Hotel at Fisherman’s Wharf. The buffet was not worth it.

IMG_0434IMG_0431  IMG_0536

IMG_0534IMG_0432 IMG_0533 

IMG_0178And finally, this is a, famous is the wrong word… but… a permanent presence at our Senado Square. This guy roasts chestnuts on spot and sells them to whoever’s interested. He’s got his stove thingie there that turns and turns on its own. I’ll be looking for more of these famous and/or traditional things a round Macau!


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