Year 2009

January 5, 2009

First post in 2009, Happy New Year!
Although I’m a little late in this greeting 😀

A little late, but I decided to make a simple resolutions list, in no particular ordering:

1. Stand straight. Start sitting and walking with back straight too.
2. Drink more water. Start with at least 4 cupfuls a day (currently only when I wake up in the morning, rest of the day not drink much except during meals)
3. Wake up early for morning walks. Start jogging when body is adapted.
4. Walk around with a pedometer. Target daily steps: under study & calculation
4. Slowly quit it with the snackoos. Resist temptation!
5. Be more feminine.
6. Buy what I need only. Splurging only allowed twice a year. Save cash!

These are rather simple, but I think fundamental and essential to make big changes in my life. I hope I’ll keep to them! I’m trying to be more conscious of my posture and drinking water. I’ve also started to go on morning walks already. Hope I’ll keep these up!


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