Want =/= Need

January 14, 2009

I do have a more substantial post on the way (just need to be home one evening early enough, sort through the photos and write)

But for now, I can only say, I’m itching for an iPod Classic… I just found out a store here does special engraving requests and will help us order online from Hong Kong at an extra fee…

But then when I think again, why should I make an engraving? The iPod is sure to go into a case anyway…

But the engraving is so damn attractive… imagine having the words

the elusive kat
– with music on the go –

written behind the iPod… I SOOO want it! But alas, want =/= need.

Then I’m thinking that, if I get an iPod Classic, I could start archiving my old CDs… then I could pack them up and store them elsewhere and save some more space…. and and and…. but….!!! Essentially, I do not need it to survive….

kat, save up, kat, don’t spend……. be happy with what you have….


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