Change of Habits

January 19, 2009

After the purchase of my iPod Classic, I found out there are a couple of things I need to do:

* Archive whatever that’s taking 95% of my storage drive. (Found out it’s the photos and the MP3s)
* Damn, even my parent drive (C drive) is relatively full. (iTunes made a default folder in C drive… darn)
* Change my default music player to iTunes (Need to Sync my iPod)
* Make necessary changes to all my other music-related feeds (Last.fm, MSN Messenger “Now Playing” message, Music detection, etc…)
* Archive all my old CDs into the iPod. (That’s taking quite a lot of my time)

Non-music wise, there’s also quite a lot I have to do…

* Finish the last few chapters of みんなの日本語 初級 I so that I could start with my kanji writing practice. At least, I could safely say I could recognize and read those words… it’s just the writing…
* Complete my iknow course so I could start on a new one.
* Finish reading my current book. (No, I did not put it in the right side column because I simply knew this would happen…
* Chinese New Year… SPRING CLEANING! I want all those trash OUT. Although I did trash out 5 bagfuls of stuff last time… I believe I could do better than that!
* Now that the weather is finally warming up again, go on morning walks and jogs again.
* Hone my photography skills… I got the books, I got no time to read… and hands on practice as well!

This is life, once you start listing out just what you have got to do…

Whatever I have to or don’t have to work on, what I need right now is… get back to work. And so, see you all!


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