First Wisdom Tooth is Out

February 7, 2009

My first wisdom tooth is out. The dentist decided for me to extract the top right tooth first because he saw it was starting to show signs of decay.

The whole process was just a little over half an hour. I got anesthetics, and the dentist slowly eased my tooth out doing circular motions.

To totally gross everyone who passes by here out, here’s my tooth 🙂


I’m now soaking the tooth in some bleach water to clean it white. See the small blackish hole there? That’s the part that’s starting to decay. It’s quite a massive tooth too…. coz, lookie!


An iPod shuffle is slightly taller than 1inch. So the tooth is almost 1inch. wow…. and it curved over! No wonder the dentist had to put so much effort to ease the tooth out!

I’m now on a very weak painkiller but the pain is not that bad. I’m able to eat already (yay! I’m a gourmet after all) and I’m planning to go to a buffet tomorrow already.

hm…. Rotary Club Blood donation day tomorrow… Should I go? I want to find out my blood type… hm….!!!



  1. Oh my god, poor you!
    But honestly speaking…. your tooth looks like a cartoon!:D So Lovely!;) Although I can imagine it’s pretty painful.

    • oh, hi!
      … cartoon? *looks again* I think I know what you mean… haha, it’s currently being bleached, so perhaps it’ll look like a toy later?

      BTW, I never noticed you had me on your blogroll… thanks alot! 🙂

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